No ads, No links

Ads get in the way

I do not plan to include ads on the Fresh Girl Friday website. When you come here to learn, you should be able to focus on what you’re reading. Ads are just an annoying distraction, especially on mobile devices where they really get in the way.

Affiliate links can cloud judgment

As much as I can, I’ll recommend ways to improve your life without buying products, like skin care and such. However, some of my biggest joys and most amazing results have come from finding the right moisturizer or hair oil. Here on Fresh Girl Friday, I will try to link directly to the manufacturer when recommending products, so you can decide for yourself where you might buy them. I will not include affiliate links. I think even the most well-meaning writer can be swayed to recommend products that pay higher fees. I want to make sure I’m only recommending products because I have used them successfully and believe in them.