About Fresh Girl Friday

Collage of healthy lifestyle activities and nature

Self care is a lifestyle choice. Taking care of yourself will bring happiness, health, friendship, love, and a sense of purpose to your life.

How do you get started with self care?

Self care looks different for everyone, but understanding a few basic building blocks will get you off to a good start. At Fresh Girl Friday I share my ongoing self care journey with you for ideas and inspiration. Together, we’ll learn to:

  1. Take care of your physical health and appearance.
  2. Manage daily stress.
  3. Understand how your emotions can guide you to happiness.
  4. Start and keep good relationships
  5. Make a difference in the world around you.

Accept that you are an amazing, important part of this Universe. You exist for important reasons! Taking care of yourself keeps you strong and able to truly enjoy what life has to offer. Paying attention to your own needs also helps you support others with confidence, grace, and endurance.

Join me and learn to live your best life.

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